Company profile

MEDILUC sagl, located in Switzerland, the heart of Europe, is specialized in the manufacturing and finishing of orthopedic implants and surgical instrumentation such as hip, knee, shoulder, spine and extremities implants.

Since its foundation in 2001, MEDILUC is exclusively focused on orthopaedic implants manufacturing and finishing. Mediluc serves the Swiss and European markets and thanks to leading edge technologies, experience and passion we guarantee high quality standards.

We are a reliable long-term partner capable of providing high quality products within short timeframe. Specialized in offering various services, Mediluc can provide a fully-featured service, going from the CNC machining to the final passivation of the implants.


Mediluc sagl is founded by Mr. Teodoro Chiaravalloti

Mediluc sagl is certified ISO 9001

Ing. Jonathan Chiaravalloti joins the company

Expantion of the production site in Bodio

Mediluc sagl is certified ISO 13485

Our Values


Since the products that we manufacture are going to be implanted in a human body and will be used to improve people’s life quality, our products must be impeccable in terms of surface finishing.

It is important that every operator is sensitized about the final use of the implants in order to respect the highest quality regulation standards.

Specialized operators

Our most important resource are our operators. Our goal is to train our operators and make them feel essential for our company.

Customers first

Everything turns around our customers. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality products and develop with them the best processes in order to differentiate them from their competitors.

This is possible thanks to our excellence and experience in the orthopaedic field and also because we are always listening to the needs of our customers.

Research and Development

In order to respond to new challenges coming from the global orthopedic market, that is, high quality products at competitive prices, the Research and Development department is the core of our company.

Thanks to recent investments and innovation in terms of production flexibility and optimization, Mediluc can guarantee repeatability of the quality at competitive prices.


ISO 13485


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