Service description and features

Vibro-finishing with different media (ceramics, plastics and high density media). Fully automated Drag Finishing of the products. Fully automated Drag finishing process to assure repeatability and high quality parts. Reduction of the production lead times to guarantee short delivery times. Constant material removal from the surface of the implant.

Related Products

Knee Implants

Standard knee implants, revision implants and unicondylar knee implants. Possibility to treat both cemented and cementless implants.


Hip stems

We are specialized in different type of hip stem implants. We are able to manufacture and finish cemented and cementless hip stems with different materials ... 


Shoulder implants

Glenoids and humerus surface finishing.
Respect of the geometrical and shape tolerances specified by the customers. 


Femoral heads

Cemented and cementless acetabular cups.
Sphericity of the surface < 0.02 mm assured in order to avoid local constraints.


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